Revenue Cycle Management

Accelerate claims to cash, optimize coding, improve margins, decrease denials and write-offs

PTM Revenue Cycle Management Services

For the over stretched practice staff dealing with the daily grind of scheduling, authorizations, referrals, refills, client payments, billing, coding, denials, credentialing, documentation deficiencies, etc., PTM Services enhances your staff’s capacity and effectiveness by providing timely, high quality medical coding, claims submission, adjudication, monitoring and denied/rejected claims management services. This frees up existing staff to focus on direct patient interaction activities while improving cashflow, decreasing denials and improving realized revenue.

Are you confident that practice:

  • Encounters are being coded to maximize the revenue for which you are entitled?
  • Claims are being efficiently submitted in a timely manner to your payers?
  • Rejected claims rate is minimized to your satisfaction?
  • Denials & Appeals is proactivity managed?
  • Investment in training is keeping your staff current on regulatory and payer changes?

All these activities impact your cash flow and realized revenue.

Creating Room for High-Value Tasks

With PTM handling routine tasks, human staff can concentrate on higher-value activities. For instance, staff can focus on patient facing tasks that directly improve quality of care. This allows the PTM team to better manage insurance-related correspondence, ensuring timely and accurate processing of claims to avoid revenue loss. PTM focuses on Coding and Billing, so your staff can focus on other aspects of the practice.

Claims Preparation

PTM keeps it straightforward. No technology integration to your existing practice is required. Simply handoff off your EHR transmission file into a dedicated secure deposit box, and PTM takes it from there. Using advanced Billing, Coding and Clearinghouse technologies that literally connect your practice in realtime to thousands of payers, the PTM team reviews, completes, submits and monitors all claims through to resolution. PTM’s advanced technology ensures that routine claims remain routine, and experienced PTM staff issues that can hold up claims are prevented prior to submission, freeing up experienced PTM staff to focus on denials and appeals.

A Dedicated Extension of your Practice

Our experienced, certified coders work as an extension of your practice. Medical coding, at its most basic, is a little like translation. It is the coder’s job to take something that is written one way (a doctor’s diagnosis, for example, or a prescription for a certain medication) and translate it as accurately as possible into a numeric or alphanumeric code. For every injury, diagnosis, and medical procedure, there is a corresponding code and Current Procedure Terminology code (ICD-10 and CPT code). For every injury, diagnosis, and medical procedure, there is a corresponding code.  Our Coders are responsible for Coding accurately and within the specific guidelines for each code, as each code will affect the status of the claim and how it is billed. Our Coders are expected to, and are experts in:

  • Reviewing medical information to ensure appropriate application of procedure code and corresponding codes for diagnoses made by the provider.  Having the correct codes match ensures that our healthcare providers will be properly reimbursed.
  • Ensuring that the procedural codes and diagnoses codes match and are accurate to reduce the potential for rejected claims.
  • Meeting appropriate completion of coding to ensure the time limits for billing and reimbursement are met.
  • Ensuring the information is processed within our claims software and transmits the information to the medical biller for timely claim review and adjudication.

For Providers who are contracted with ProTeam Management for Billing and Coding at 573-615-8300 or send an email to our Director of Provider Services, Tina Doyle at